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Knowing Your Values


Roy E. Disney, Walt Disney’s brother, got this right. Once you establish your values it isn’t that hard to make a decision anymore. Whether it is about veganism, my Catholic faith, or my morals.

I went to a Thanksgiving party at school and everything had either meat, dairy and/or eggs in it. Even the spaghetti (which I was really looking foward to from a distance) had meat in it. I don’t understand that at all. So close. If it had meatballs on top I’d be more apt to eating it. But it was ground beef in the spaghetti. No way of getting around that. So I just didn’t eat anything and waiting until I got home. It isn’t a hard decision anymore. No matter how hungry I am if it has a animal product it in I won’t eat it. To be honest, it’s the easier decision I’ve ever made.

It wasn’t always this easy. At first it was really hard. But once I establishd what my values are, it became easier. Much easier. I don’t even think about it.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

One thought on “Knowing Your Values

  1. It’s amazing how once you make the connection and realign your values, it isn’t hard at all. No matter how hungry I’ve been, I’ve never been tempted by animal products anywhere. It’s so wonderful to be so passionate and have such a strong resolve. Veganism is literally my entire life now and it sounds like it’s yours too 🙂

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