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Balanced Blonde

I was trying to avoid this post. But….

My roommate had an Elle magazine that was sitting on our kitchen table. I was looking through the magazine while waiting for water to boil to make rice for lunch. One of the articles is on Balanced Blonde. The article was talking about how the vegan diet was the reason for her eating disorder. It did talk about what Ortharexia was. But the article did seem like veganism was the reason behind it. Going back to eating animal products isn’t going to magically make her not have an eating disorder. This is something that she, and anyone else who has ever struggled with an eating disorder, will struggle with whether she eats meat or not.

As long as you are vegan for the right reasons and you have done your research, then it can be an amazing diet. In high school I went vegetarian for a few weeks, but I wasn’t informed and I wasn’t doing it for the correct reasons. I ate nothing but salads. Which isn’t the way you should be doing a vegan diet. I did it because I wanted to lose weight. Because it gave me an excuse not to eat food. Not because I thought that it was the healthiest diet for my health or because it saves innocent animals from being killed. To this day I still stuggle with my body image. Being vegan hasn’t made it worse or better. I’m improved with journaling, not weighing myself on a daily basis (my roommate has a scale in our bathroom so it’s a little difficult not to do it), and remembering that food is good.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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