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You Can’t Stay Vegan If You Eat 500 Calories a Day

There is this girl on Instragram who is saying a vegan diet almost killed her. But she wasn’t eating enough calories. She was eating around 800 calories a day. I just ate 500 calories of pineapple while watching a movie for school. Which is an entire pineapple if you didn’t know (also has 5g of protein in it.)

In order to maintain a vegan, or really any diet you should be eating more. Depending on what your weight and height is. Typically I eat about 2000 calories a day. For someone who is 5 foot (I know, I’m short) and about 106lbs. Sometimes 2500 calories but not often. I would probably die or at least be very sick if I only eat 500 calories a day. I eat that in one sitting. I don’t count my calories because I think that is a horrible thing to do. You should eat the right foods and eat until you are full.

Plant based foods are less calorically dense than animal based foods. Therefore, you should be eating more on a plant based diet. Which is great, because I love food. like a lot. I had an entire pineapple today, a cup of uncooked rice (not sure what it makes cooked rice), and about a half of a zucchini so far. So 500 calories in the pineapple, about 500-600 calories in rice, and about 20 calories in zucchini. So as of right now: 1120 calories. And it’s only 5pm. I still haven’t eaten dinner yet.


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