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Getting Back On The Horse

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Starting a whole foods challenge before halloween probably wasn’t the best decision. I admit I ate some candy and drank some pop. Especially at a Halloween party at a girl from school’s house and the Halloween film festival at school. I know that I ate/drank what I did because of the stress of being with a large group of people and wanting to fit in.

But now that halloween is over with, I’m going to try to stick to whole foods again. Today I had a banana with cinnamon and a container of raspberries for breakfast. And for lunch I had a cup of dried brown rice. It’s only 2:20pm.

I found that it is easier to stick with eating whole foods if I cook ahead of time. Especially when I will out of the house from 8am to around 3:20pm; maybe longer tomorrow. This is when the vending machine calls my name. Bringing food helps a lot. So between moral theology homework and working on editing for work, I will cook a large batch of food for the rest of the week. Not sure if I want to do it before or after Mass at 5pm.

Also will plan on starting to exercise regularly too. It may seem to me like I don’t have time but if I make time I will have time.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

One thought on “Getting Back On The Horse

  1. One of our best go-tos for a quick meal from the fridge is this. Cook ahead a batch of brown lentils (cooked in veg broth/after) and an equivalent amount of brown/black rice. For a ‘bowl meal,’ warm rice/lentils in the microwave with olive oil, cumin, and thyme (Bragg’s liquid aminos and chipotle pepper optional). Top with diced tomato, avocado, and shredded romaine and crumbled blue corn chips. A little bit of everything, delicious and satisfying, and from fridge to mouth in 10 min.

    We have several of these ‘bowl meals,’ and they are so easy and nutritious that my kids will make these for themselves before they have a sweet treat.

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