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Is There an Ideal Diet for Humans??

There has been a study by the WHO, World Health Organization that says that meat, namely processed and red meat can cause cancer. No…really?!? I already knew that. There have been so many studies done about this. Eggs and dairy are also in those studies. So any animal products. The China Study is a major source. If you like all that scientific stuff you can read the book by T. Colin Campbell PhD. Or you can read his follow up book, Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition. This book is still loaded with science but easier to follow. Here are a few quotes from the book.

The ideal human diet: consume plant-based foods in form as close to the natural state as possible.

Aim to get 80 percent of calories from carbs, 10 percent from fat, and 10 percent from protein.

Change the way you eat and you can transform your health for the better.

When we eat the right foods, in amounts that satisfy but don’t stuff us silly, our bodies naturally metabolize the nutrients in those foods to give us exactly what we need at any given moment.

Personally, I have a little trouble with the whole foods part. I eat a little too much refined sugar and oil. But I know that when I do eat whole foods all of the time I feel my best. Which is why, for the next few weeks I plan on eating whole foods exclusively. I will blog about it, starting tomorrow. Or maybe after Halloween.


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