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Trust Me It Gets Easier

Haven’t posted in a while. Sorry about that. Am on school break and would have hoped to have posted more; but… time got away from me.

It’s been about 2 years (give or take a few months) since I’ve eaten meat. And 8 months since I’ve willingly and knowingly had eggs and dairy. There have been a few times where I had a little bit of eggs and dairy by accident. It has gotten a lot easier as the time has passes. Especially with the meat. I don’t even want it anymore. It sounds, to me, disgusting and gross. And so does eggs and dairy. I mean if you think about it, dairy is the breastmilk of a cow that is meant for a baby cow so it grows up, very quickly, into an adult cow. And we, as humans and not cows, are the only species that drinks breastmilk after infancy and it isn’t even our own breastmilk. After you think about it for a while, it does sound really gross and weird. What I want to know is who was the first person to see a cow and think ‘I wonder what its breastmilk tastes like?’ I’m pretty sure that cow was really confused.

But after time it does get easier. Going out to eat with my friends and I had choice of restaurant. So I choose the only vegan restaurant/bar in town. I’m going to be so overwhelmed by the fact that I can eat anything I want from that menu. I know the mac and cheese is going to be the side that I order. Then I can order chicken, or a hamburger, or a taco, or ranch sauce. Without asking a billion questions. I’m really looking forward to what my friends will think about it. One of my friends went there with me before; but she has another vegan friend. My other two friends have never been there and might not know that it is vegan; unless they look the place up. Or see that I order chicken or a burger.

But it does get easier. There was a, definitely non-vegan monkey bread that my mom made. And I wasn’t even tempted to eat it. Ok, I was tempted once but then I thought about the cows and I wasn’t tempted anymore. So tip, think about why you are doing it. For your health, the environment, the animals, fellow humans, to help end world hunger. Then you won’t be tempted anymore.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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