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Blood work: Pre and Post Vegetarian

Found some bloodwork before and after I became vegetarian. In 2011 I had just graduated high school and still ate meat. In 2014, I had been vegetarian for about a year. Wonder what my blood work would look like now that I’m vegan.

Calcium pre-veg: 9.4

Calcium post-veg: 10.1

Glucose pre-veg: 72

Glucose post-veg: 76

Potassium pre-veg: 4.3

Potassium post-veg: 4.3

Total Protein pre-veg: 7.9

Total protein post-veg: 8.6

Albumin (type of protein) pre-veg: 4.7

Albumin (type of protein) post-veg: 5.2

Sodium pre-veg: 141

Sodium post-veg: 139


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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