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Nutrition Experts


This got me thinking. No one cares more about whether or not you are getting nutrients unless you are vegan. If I was eating McDonalds every day or eating processed food; no one would ask me about protein, calcium, or any other nutrients. But once you tell people you eat a whole foods plant based diet; they suddenly become experts on nutrition and food.

I mean since when is eating whole plant foods like beans, fruits, vegetables, rice, nuts, seeds not healthy? When we grew up our parents told us to eat our vegetables but when all you eat is vegetables it is suddenly considered unhealthy. What’s up with that?


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

4 thoughts on “Nutrition Experts

  1. I think it’s a difference between being a clean-eating vegan or a junk food vegan. I’m pretty sure you can get most of the nutrients you need (plus a ton of fat and cholesterol…) from traditional junk food, but vegan junk food is mostly empty calories. We need to up our junk food game!


  2. I think that it is because omnivores, who themselves never monitor their nutritional intake assume that what they eat must be OK. When they hear about someone ‘abstaining’ from eating meat, fish and poultry, they assume that the person in question must struggle to obtain certain nutrients; and they take that argument even further when the person also refuses to consume eggs, dairy products and even honey (which is only another form of sugar). That most of these omnivores have an unhealthy diet is to them beside the point.

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  3. Yeah, what’s up with that? I now feed my family the healthiest home cooked meals than I ever did before and my mom wanted me to go to a nutritionist. Just to get her to back off, I did. Fortunately and unfortunately, I felt I had more knowledge and wisdom that the “expert.” No one ever questioned when I would give my boys a happy meal, but now that hummus and crackers are one of our fave go to snacks…

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