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Hating PETA?!?

I was in my law class a few weeks ago and for some reason PETA came up. I think we were talking about the end of movies that say “No animals were harmed in the making of this movie.” And some guy in the back of the class yelled out, “I hate PETA.”

How can you hate PETA? I mean think about it for a second. PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animais. Yes, even as a vegan some of PETA’s approaches I don’t always like. But their core beliefs I do. I mean all PETA wants us to do is to treat animals ethically and with respect. That’s all. Who can be against that?

Plantriotic made a video about this… (One of my favorite Youtubers.)


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

6 thoughts on “Hating PETA?!?

  1. PETA is an awful organization. They fat shame, they are sexist, Ingrid Newark outright states that pit bulls should be euthanized (she was bit by one in the past and is bias). The commenter above me is absolutely right. They do euthanize hundreds of adoptable animals, and two PETA workers have been cited for animal rights violations in the past.

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  2. PETA’s euthanising of animals is something I read about on another blog. To be fair, one would have to compare with other animal welfare groups, which is what the Huff Post article does. I disagree however that PETA is ‘sexist’, because those who appear semi-naked in its ads declaring that they’d ‘rather go naked than wear fur’ are mostly doing so for a bit of politically correct – and free – publicity for their respective media careers. It just happens that more women than men jump on the bandwagon.


  3. I try to just ignore PETA since I heard how they euthanise healthy animals. They run some effective campaigns but they are also very aggressive towards those who don’t conform to their image.

    I guess your classmate hates organisations like PETA because their existence implies his dietary choice is immoral.

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