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Sterotypical Vegan vs. Actual Vegan

Totally agree. I almost never tell people unless I have to. i.e. food is involved.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

2 thoughts on “Sterotypical Vegan vs. Actual Vegan

  1. I usually only bring it up when people ask why I’m not eating animal products. And I only debate or argue when someone says something incredibly misinformed (for example, when people say things like, “But you need your Protein).


  2. I allow those who rant about vegans to make fools of themselves first, before I mention that I am; but usually it relates to food being involved when first mentioned. As it is, you have only to read some of the more lunatic blogs written by those who will jump on any politically correct bandwagon going to understand why vegans get lumped in with them; such people become vegan because they like being part of various ‘persecuted’ minorities, the more the better in fact.


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