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A Choice


One thing I hate is when people say, “Oh that’s right you can’t have meat.” I can have it. I just choose not to eat it because of my health, the environment, animals, human rights, ect. And it’s not like I’m dying to eat meat. Cause I’m not. Really, not dying to eat meat. I don’t want it. It smells, bad. And probably tastes bad too. Also it’s been two years so there is a high chance that I’d get sick.


Veganism isn’t a diet; it’s a lifestyle change. I’m not doing this to lose weight (cause in reality I don’t need to lose weight; I mean if I do than that is a happy accident from living a cruelty free life). It’s been two years since I’ve eaten meat; it’s not like I’m allergic. If at some point in the past 2 years I wanted to eat meat wouldn’t I have done it by now?


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

3 thoughts on “A Choice

  1. I wouldn’t necessarily say that it is a ‘lifestyle’ change, more a case of adopting a certain ethical code of conduct.


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