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Two Year Vegetarian Anniversary!!!

Just realized that this week is my two year anniversary of not eating meat. Ya!!!! (Six months vegan; that happened later in life.) So here’s things I’ve learned.

  1. Meat is everywhere. The dinner for tomorrow’s set is chicken and BBQ. So I have to bring my own dinner. Which kindof sucks since I will be working. Almost every commercial has meat in it.
  2. I’m alive so meat isn’t necessary for survival. People have said they “cannot live without meat”, well I’m alive and more alive than I’ve ever been. So that’s a lie.
  3. It got easier as years go by. The first year it was extremely hard to not eat meat. But now I just don’t want it and nothing can make me what it. I’d rather starve than eat meat. And the smell gets worse as time goes on; especially when meat is cooked. Seriously it smells like rotting flesh.
  4. How to ignore the comments. I’ve heard it all.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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