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Eating Meat for Pleasure

A friend on facebook posted asking why people care more about animals than humans. Then another person posted that they are ok with killing an animal for food but not for pleasure. But is eating meat something people do for pleasure?

People in the western world don’t need to eat meat to survive. Actually meat is horrible for your health. Cholesterol, fat, hormones, are among the few things in meat. With things like chickenless chicken and bean burgers (among others) that taste just like meat we don’t even need to eat meat for the taste anymore. If all fast food restaurants replaced their meat with these substitutes without telling people, no one would notice the difference. Everyone would just continue eating it like they did before.

Eating meat is something that we, as a society, don’t need to be eating. It’s slowly killing us and its killing other beings.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

One thought on “Eating Meat for Pleasure

  1. Meat, aka ‘flesh,’ is an efficient way of converting inedible grains and grasses into food. It’s how humans survived for millennia. But the way we do it now — farming on a mass scale, corn not grasses as inputs, etc. — is decidedly unhealthy. The purpose of meat (historically) has missed the point, hence, the vegan backlash. It is entirely possible to subsist without flesh consumption, particularly the dessert options which rely heavily on dairy and eggs.

    Funny, I thought humans were animals too. Would we force fellow humans to express milk for our pleasure consumption? Doubtful.

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