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Why Don’t People Get It?


Every once in a while I wonder why people don’t get that killing an animal is wrong. For sport, for food, for skin. We, as a society, don’t need to do it anymore. Veganism is simple. It’s philosopy is simple. Doing it is simple. Well, except for things like making breakfast with friends.

That part is more annoying than difficult. We had eggs, bacon, sausage and french toast. The french toast had rice milk instead of cows milk but it still had eggs. So I ate the grapes that I brought, mainly so I could make sure I had something to eat. And a couple hashbrowns. I typically stay a whole foods plant based diet; I normally don’t have processed foods. Thinking back that was a mistake but it was the only other thing that was vegan.

The choice was either eggs or french toast as main course. So I opted for neither. I did eat beforehand just in case that grapes are the only thing that I could eat.

But seriously. Do people just not know? Or if they know, do they ignore it?


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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