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Irony At It’s Finest

I find it ironic that after a pro-life protest/prayer thing with people from school; we are having breakfast that the main course is bacon and eggs. To me thou shall not murder means thou shall not murder. Not thou shall not murder unless (insert condition here.)

So I posted that on a vegan Facebook group that I am a part of. But most of the comments weren’t about that but about the fact that abortion is right and ok. I find it ironic that people who advocate for animal’s lives are saying that it is ok to kill human lives. People who say that animal’s lives matter are pro-choice. I mean humans are animals. Really if you think about it. We are all animals. And we all, humans and animals alike, deserve the chance at life. One of the most fundamental rights is the right to live.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

5 thoughts on “Irony At It’s Finest

      1. sounds cool. we are prolife. we love unborn and already born children of all species 🙂
        we went vegetarian 1/1 this year with a goal of completely Vegan by my 50th Birthday in June of next year.
        right now we are struggling a bit with weight gain on a vegetarian diet. some say it’s due to the decrease in protein. can you help with your experience? thx in advance -mike

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      2. I did gain a little bit of weight at the beginning but started losing it and a bit more after a while. But personally I never needed to lose weight so I’m just trying to maintain my current weight. For me the weight gain/loss wasn’t that much. Hope that helped, probably didn’t. 🙂


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