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Things That I Thought Was True Before Becoming Vegan

  1. Cows needed to be milk because without it something bad was going to happen. Not entirely sure what.
  2. Cows milk was made specifically for humans. I didn’t realize that baby cows were taken away from their mothers so that I could drink it.
  3. Cow’s milk, eggs and meat were healthy and necessary.
  4. Even as a vegetarian I thought that vegans couldn’t eat anything when they ate out. Which is wrong. I went to a coffee shop near school to get lunch and asked for a summer salad without goat cheese. It’s pretty easy once you know what to ask for. Most places, especially if they make it from scratch, can make things to order.
  5. All vegans or vegetarians started out as vegans or vegetarians. But most vegans and vegetarians start as meat eaters and switch once they learn a thing or two about the industries that produce our food.
  6. Eating “humanely raised” meat was the right thing to do. But all humanely raised meats aren’t really humanely raised and they go to the same slaughterhouses. So it doesn’t really make a difference.
  7. Everyone else does it, so it shouldn’t be that bad. But everyone else owned slaves back in the day and that didn’t make it right.

Boy was I wrong.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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