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What is Wrong With Society?

Went to Walmart because I got a ride from a friend. I was planning on getting yogurt, ice cream, mock meat. However, there was none of those. The only thing that was dairy free was soy milk. Everything was meat, dairy and eggs. Even the veggie burgers had eggs and milk in it. What if someone has a dairy allergy? Or is allergic to death and suffering? What are they supposed to do? Not eat ice cream, yogurt, pizza?

It wasn’t a total bust since I got frozen veggies, frozen fruit, and found fruit snacks that were vegan. I guess I’m going to Smart & Final tomorrow to pick up rice and fresh fruit/veggies (which Walmart didn’t have) and my food for the next week or so is bought.

No wonder people say that being vegan is hard.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

2 thoughts on “What is Wrong With Society?

  1. Well, you’re right about the fact that vegans often have very little food choices (At least when it comes to eating out and other food activities). You could make your own vegan ice cream and stuff =] there are a lot of youtube videos on the subject =D


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