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Why Can’t You Be Upset Over Both?

Why is some pro-lifers and vegans against each other? People in my friend circle on Facebook posted about the fact that everyone is upset over the death of the lion and not of unborn babies that are killed by abortion. And yes abortion is horrible and everyone should be upset over it. However, why can’t someone be upset over abortion and the death of millions of farm animals in the United States alone? I’m equally upset over all of it.

But they all stem from the same thing. No respect for life. Thinking that people, and animals, are disposable because they don’t speak like us, they can’t stand up for themselves, or they look different from us. Once everyone starts to believe that, even though unborn babies and animals don’t have a chance to speak up for themselves, it doesn’t mean that we can freely kill them. We are all equally God’s creation. Mankind is above animals but that just means that we have a moral obligation to take care of His creation. And I don’t believe that treating animals like objects is doing that. Nor is murdering babies.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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