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Evil Carbs??

I love carbs! (I say this while eating pasta for lunch for the third day in a row.)  Which is probably why following the starch solution isn’t that much of a sacrifice In reality I love the way I eat.. But don’t carbs make you fat?!?! Um…no. Actually carbs are good for you; and not evil.

Places like rural China that eat nothing but rice and very little meat should then, according to this belief of evil carbs, be extremely overweight. But the opposite is true. They are skinny, healthy, and not at risk for developing heart disease, among others.

Obviously you have to eat the right carbs. Potato chips, cake, cookies, anything processed, isn’t the right carbs. They also have fat, which is why eating those foods can make you gain weight. That’s why it’s called fat.

The right carbs are: rice, pasta, potatoes, oats, wheat, beans, fruit, veggies. These foods should be the foods you eat to stay healthy and to lose weight (if you need to) or maintain your weight.

However, it’s not fast. You don’t lose weight right away. Actually you tend to gain a little bit of weight at first before losing it, and then some. Personally, I think I’ve hit my ideal weight so I won’t be losing any more. Instead I’m trying to maintain the weight that I am.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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