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Being Vegan at Work

Fellow vegans or vegetarians,

How do you handle being vegan or vegetarian at work when food is provided every week. I’m working on my school’s weekly newscast and today the food that was provided was In & Out Burger. I ate some french fries but didn’t have any burgers. The last meeting we had cookies, that definitely had dairy and eggs in them.

Typically I don’t tell people I’m vegan unless I really know them, like really know them. I am friends with two of the anchors but not with everyone else. And they know I’m vegan but no one else does. It would be easier if I mention it just so it doesn’t look weird that I never eat any of the food. But I’ve had experiences where if I’m not friends with the person, I’m met with comments about my diet. You know the, “oh you’re that person,” or “but…protein.” Because that is the only nutrient that people know. And then from that point forward they know me as “the vegan”.

Which is why it’s 8:30 at night and I’m cooking rice. Also the french fries were disgusting. Possibly because I haven’t eaten out for the past four weeks and I’m not used to fried, salty foods.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

6 thoughts on “Being Vegan at Work

  1. I understand that not bringing it up because it is obnoxious when people think they can step in and question your choices. On the other hand, bringing it up and being known as a vegan could inspire others. I had a class last semester with an omnivore and she asked me questions and was intrigued, now she’s vegetarian going on vegan!

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  2. It’s hard. But I’d say tell people because yes you might inspire or intrigue someone. Besides, it’s obviously an ethical lifestyle, so it’s time it becomes mainstream and not something to skirt around (something I still have to do–do I not discuss it with someone or do I risk offending them because I say it’s unethical to eat animals? meh)

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  3. An omnivorous female work colleague of mine was having a rant about vegans a few years ago, whereupon I decided that it would be an opportune moment to mention that I am vegan and she went as red as a tomato.

    In general the main difficulty – and one I have coming up shortly – is mandatory ‘team building’ events involving a meal. I am all for activity-based things, such as working in a nature reserve for the day, where we all bring our own sandwiches, but I can’t stand contrived ‘social events’ with people that I already spend the best part of forty hours a week with.

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