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Is Being Vegan Hard??

Being vegan isn’t hard. I went to the store this morning to get food and I got plenty of food that is vegan. Typically, because it’s easier, I buy a few staples a week to eat. So this week I got spaghetti and tomato sauce. I also got brown rice but I get that every week. Last week was pizza bagels, the week before tortilla casserole. Finding vegan food isn’t very difficult. I mean the store that I go to every week doesn’t have certain things, like vegan cheese, vegan meat, vegan ice cream, vegan yogurt, ect. But although they are nice, you can easily be vegan without them.

The only “hard” part is when I eat out, or go to a party or have dinner with friends. Or when I see other people eating meat, which makes me a little depressed. Most, if not all, of the time when I go to a party or event at school there is pizza (most of the time with both cheese and meat), and non-vegan desserts. It can get a little hard since I won’t eat pizza (without cheese or meat), or non-vegan desserts. But as long as I remember why I’m doing it, it gets easier. Once you focus on the victims and not yourself. Not entirely sure where I heard this from but it’s true.

Focusing on the animals makes my little bit discomfort seem like nothing.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

One thought on “Is Being Vegan Hard??

  1. I enjoyed reading this…I recently became vegan and I couldn’t be happier! People make it seem like vegans do not eat anything but salad when in reality it is the opposite! Anything they can make we can make vegan;)

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