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Teaching Them Young

Watching Disney Channel online and one of the commercials before my show is for milk. “Milk has 8 grams of quality protein.” Milk also has rape and death. Or is the breast milk of another species. Which is kind of gross if you think about it.

But that won’t get into a commercial for milk. Desensitizing children to not think about where their food comes from at a young age is what meat, dairy and egg industry wants to do. Because they want to get you hooked as a customer.  This is why chicken nuggets or hamburgers don’t look like the animal that it comes from. Or the cows on the package of milk or yogurt are in a pasture and look happy. Or the words “humane meat” exists, even though there is no such thing. If they actually showed pictures of what goes on, no kid would want to drink the milk or eat the chicken nuggets.



Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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