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Not Eating To Lose Weight?!?

So I overheard someone behind me in class talk about losing weight and the fact that he just needs to stop eating or eat fewer calories and he will lose weight. I really wanted to turn around and tell him that there is another way. But I didn’t since class was starting and I really didn’t want to start anything.

High carb, low-fat vegan is a great way to eat a lot of food and still lose weight or maintain your weight. It just isn’t as quick as cutting calories.

But I eat a lot of food and I feel great. Like a lot of food. Most people think that I’m going to get fat off of the amount of food that I eat. But it isn’t the amount of food but what the food actually is. Eating 1000 calories of McDonalds (which I think is what a Big Mac is) and eating 1000 calories of rice and beans are completely different.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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