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Is Telling Meat Eaters the Truth Wrong and Mean?

The truth hurts. No matter what it’s about. So is telling meat eaters the truth about animal agriculture and factory farming wrong and mean? Should we just not have that conversation to save us from being the “bad guy”? Or is it our right as a human being to tell people that eating animal products are bad for their health, the environment, and the animals? And how do we go about doing this without hurting others feelings?

I was there before, I didn’t grow up vegan so I know all the excuses that I used. I think that coming from a place of love and not hate helps. I found out by watching a factory farming video in one of my college classes. So I really didn’t have a choice to watch it. I had a choice as to do what I did with that information.



Passionate vegan. Catholic.

One thought on “Is Telling Meat Eaters the Truth Wrong and Mean?

  1. I feel that a lot of people know the truth but think this is just the way the world works. These same people also assume vegan food and vegetables are gross. Since they don’t seem to care about the animals, you could still encourage them to stop eating meat for health or environmental issues. I wish more people were as compassionate as we are, but thank God there are nothing but good reasons to be vegan.


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