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Why Does Fruit Get A Bad Rap?

I overheard my roommate (who is paleo) talk about the fact that she eats too much fruit, because of the sugar content. Sugar from fruit and natural foods are different from sugar from cupcakes. Fruit also contains fiber which helps with the blood sugar spike.

This has been tested many times and eating 20 pieces of fruit a day does not raise blood sugar, make you gain weight or do anything bad. The only sort of negative thing that people on the study found was the amount of time they needed to use the bathroom.

So why do people think that we shouldn’t be eating this much fruit? I mean fruit is nature’s perfect food and the first “fast food” invented.



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One thought on “Why Does Fruit Get A Bad Rap?

  1. Yes, I know what you mean. Same way people talk about not eating nuts and avocados because of their fat content. It’s funny the reasoning people have for cutting out perfect foods but filling it in with harmful foods like dairy, meat, and over-processed foods.

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