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My Weekly Disasters

This has been a difficult week to say the least. Not only was it my first week of school for the quarter, I also got two new roommates. I’m not a huge fan of living with other people but I’ve gotten used to the ones that I have been living with for the past 9 months. And then two people basically got thrown into my apartment last minute so I didn’t have much time to prepare. I mean I like them, of what I’ve seen so far, but it’s still completely nerve racking to know that you know nothing about these two new girls who in turn know nothing about you. And I’m sure they think I’m a little strange, but most people do.

Wednesday I was in class and literally the first person the professor calls on is me. I don’t like speaking in class anyways and I really don’t like being the first one. I’d rather listen to other people’s answer to the question and give me time to form my own. Instead of answering or telling him I didn’t know, like a normal person, I sat there saying nothing. He eventually took the hint and called on someone else. For the rest of the class I felt like everyone was staring at me, as they probably were. The moment class was over I took off.

So I spent the last two hours cleaning/disinfecting my entire apartment listening to country music (Luke Bryan makes everything better). It smells like lemons and vinegar. Most people eat when they’re stressed or watch TV; I clean.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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