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Veganism and Ethics: Eggs

Why don’t vegans eat eggs? Many people ask me this question often when they find out that I don’t eat eggs. There are many reasons why I don’t eat eggs: health, ethics, the fact that its nasty.


Eggs itself are unfertilized, which means basically they are the chicken’s period. The eggs cannot become baby chicks so technically I’m not directly killing a being . But that isn’t the reason that I don’t eat eggs.

Eating eggs supports the murder of millions of male baby chicks. Male chicks aren’t needed in the egg industry so they are typically ground alive in a grinder. Female chicks will be raised to lay eggs. And even if it’s “humane” or “cage-free” it still kills baby male chicks.

It’s really easy to cook without eggs. Here is a list of egg substitutes.



Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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