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Veganism and Ethics/Health: Dairy

I was watching the Disney Channel today (don’t judge I’m 22 and my favorite show is Liv and Maddie) and a commercial about drinking milk for protein came up. But is dairy the best way to get protein and strong bones? Most people are surprised to hear no. Not only is dairy horrible for the cows and promoting rape, death and suffering; dairy also isn’t the best food for you either.

Dairy is the breastmilk of a cow. Now I know most people don’t want to think about it, but that’s what it is. Cow’s breastmilk. Humans are the only mammals who drink/eat in the case of cheese, breastmilk past infancy. And it’s not even our own breastmilk. Don’t you find it a little odd and discusting if you think about it? Why don’t we drink human breastmilk or cheese from the breastmilk of female humans? What about elephants? Or cats? Why cows? And whose idea was it to drink the breastmilk of a cow anyways?? That person was messed up. But that aside, the breastmilk of a cow was meant for a baby cow. Not a baby human or an adult human, a cow. Breastmilk is there to make said cow grow up big and strong. Newsflash, cows are huge and heavy animals. We are not cows.

Now for a little bit of the ethical side, in order for a cow to produce milk, said cow would have to either be pregnant or just given birth. Therefore, the cows are repeatly pregnanted in order to produce milk. The baby cow can’t have any milk because he would drink all of it (because it was meant for him.) So the farmers take the baby cow away from the mother. I’m not a mother, yet, but if I was I wouldn’t want anyone to take my baby away. That puts a lot of stress on the mothers. And the female babies are raised to be like their moms. The male babies, however, are sold for veal. Veal is baby cow if you didn’t already know that. So the dairy industry and the veal industry are connected.

Back to health, most people can’t digest lactose. Mainly because our bodies lose that ability after we should be done drinking breastmilk. Not drinking dairy has helped people to not have digestive problems, acne, or ear infections. Also dairy creates mucus.

Getting a little personal here. I haven’t eaten/drank dairy for the past 5(ish) months. Since middle school I’ve drunk soy milk, not entirely sure why I stopped drinking cows milk in middle school. (I still ate cheese, ice cream and yogurt.) So the only think I had to do was to eat soy cheese, soy ice cream (which is really good by the way) and soy yogurt. Ever since I eliminated all dairy from my diet, I haven’t had many migraines, I haven’t needed to take Tums every day, and I’m not as stuffed up as I was before. (I have seasonal allergies so when I go back to the midwest it gets a little worse, but when I’m in California it’s all better.)



Passionate vegan. Catholic.

5 thoughts on “Veganism and Ethics/Health: Dairy

  1. Hey! New subscriber here. I love your blog! 🙂 Question, what do you think of eggs? I just recently turned vegetarian and thinking about shifting vegan. I read somewhere that eggs aren’t really considered dairy because they do not come from the mammary glands of an animal. Also, eggs are high in folic acid so they should be healthy. Anything you know more about eggs that could deem them unhealthy/unnecessary for human consumption? Thank you! 🙂

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    1. And it took me a year and a half to become vegan after vegetarian. It’s great you’re vegetarian and thinking about vegan this quickly. It took me a while before even thinking about it.

      If you have Netflix the documentary Forks Over Knives is really good, so is Vegucated. Vegucated is more on the ethical side with a little bit of health and Forks Over Knives is just health and doesn’t touch on ethics. 🙂 Personally I don’t eat eggs for ethical reasons. Not because it’s unhealthy, besides the cholesterol and high fat content. Hope this helps. My blog post will go into this in more detail next week.

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