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Is Being Vegan Hard?

I’ve been vegetarian for about two years and vegan for about six months. And the first thing that people ask me is, “Isn’t it hard to be vegan?” Well it depends. Is it hard for me to avoid the temptations to eat meat, dairy and/or eggs? Not really because I don’t crave them anymore. I can walk into a bakery and out of a bakery without even thinking about buying something. There is cheesecake in the fridge and I’m not dying to eat it. I can go to a party with pizza and not even want to eat any.

What is hard is going to a restaurant today with my family and the only option is spaghetti with red sauce. (Which isn’t my favorite food in the entire world.) What is hard is watching people eat pizza, mac and cheese, wings, ect. And not telling them about the baby cows being taken away from their mother or the death and suffering that had to be done in order for them to enjoy a meal. Or saying the total “cost” of the meal isn’t just the price but the animals’ and the worker’s who work in the factory farm’s well-being and lives. Or knowing that people know this but willingly eat meat, dairy and eggs anyways. Because they think it’s good for their health, which it’s not.

That is the hardest part of being vegan.



Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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