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Nobody’s Perfect

You know the Hannah Montana song Nobody’s Perfect? Being vegan is like that. I went to Taco Johns today after seeing Inside Out, which by the way is a great movie. I ordered a bean burrito and, since I’ve never eaten a bean burrito from there before, it came with a small (very small) amount of cheese. Small enough that you see it but you never taste it. Not sure why it’s there. I ended up eating it; I order two but only ate one.

Honestly I feel a little guilty, and have a stomach-ache. But this would be the first time in 6 months that I had any dairy. It’s definitely a learning experience knowing how to navigate this meat, dairy, and egg obsessed world. I know that I will make mistakes along the way but it’s about causing the least amount of suffering. I haven’t eaten meat in two years, and its only been six months without dairy or eggs. I know I’ve saved a lot of animals by typically not eating meat, dairy or eggs. So I shouldn’t beat myself up if I accidentally eat some dairy.

Fellow vegans/vegetarians, any instances where you ate a little bit of meat, dairy or eggs? How did you handle the feelings afterwards?


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

5 thoughts on “Nobody’s Perfect

  1. Hey it happens! Don’t beat yourself up, like you say we all do the best we can. Eating out is a minefield for vegans :(. I ate eggs once just after going fully vegan. I felt bad but afterward I just thought right I need to do this properly and haven’t eaten eggs since that was about a year ago. ❤

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  2. Yes, it happens occasionally, only when I eat out. At first I would often assume something was vegan if there were no dairy products mentioned in the menu description. Now I always double check but sometimes staff at restaurants can think and therefore appear to know what vegan means but they don’t always get it right. For me veganism is about doing the best you can, and like Ashley says above wasting a meal doesn’t help anyone once that meal has been cooked. So no, you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it. And remember, the more we ask restaurants and cafes for vegan options the more options will be available and hopefully there will be better labelling on menus too!

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  3. You didn’t know. Now you do so you can just ask for it without cheese. I have tried scraping cheese off a burrito that I requested without cheese (I hate sending back food) and a miniscule amount was probably consumed. I also had some spring rolls once at a Korean place that had chicken in it. I was confused by it because I hadn’t had meat in so long lol. I had already eaten a tiny bit before I spit some out. Life is just hard lol.


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