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Eating Vegan at Camp

It’s a whole lot easier to be vegan when I’m at home cooking for myself than when I’m out. I went to Church camp for the past few days and everything was or had meat in it. For lunch the first day we had hamburgers so I ended up eating a salad and lettuce and a tomato on a bun. Dinner was pasta but that pasta had meat in it. Breakfast was eggs and bacon, the next lunch was pulled pork and dinner was baked chicken with rice that had cheese sause on it. So, in conclusion, I ate nothing but salad for the past two days. I don’t mind but I’m more of a starch solution kind of girl and not a salad and/or fruit girl. I’ve rather eat rice, beans and pasta (without meat).


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

4 thoughts on “Eating Vegan at Camp

  1. I have difficulty with the dichotomy that is the church teachings of kindness and mercy, when (factory-farmed) fried chicken and iced cream are served up to the masses before, during and afterward. My neighbor was searing flesh on the grill this evening, and the smell made me want to eat a garden salad with lentils and rice. Ha! I’d say I’m officially ‘cured.’ No pun.

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  2. Sorry that you had to go through that. The next time you go away, don’t be afraid either ask them to make an allowance for you ahead of time or bring your own food. They could easily reserve space for you in the fridge if they aren’t willing to make a special meal for you. In a perfect world, they would have been prepared for campers with special dietary issues, but you can’t count on that.


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