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Turning Off My Moral Compass


Totally agree. Sometimes I wish I could not care and eat whatever I want. Today for our final marketing class we had a “celebration of learning.” Or in other words, she gave us the answers to the final in a “review” of the quarter. The professor brought cinnamon buns and cookies, both of which are not vegan. So I didn’t eat anything, but I did bring a vegan protein bar to class because I figured that I wouldn’t be able to eat a thing.

Tonight there is a going away party for someone who works for student life. There is supposed to be cake, which I’m assuming has dairy and/or eggs in it. There is also supposed to be other food and most of the time its nachos or pizza. I highly doubt there will be anything vegan there, maybe vegetables or fruit. But I doubt it.

But its gotten to the point where, even if I’m hungry, I won’t eat it. I don’t even think about eating it. Because to me, it’s not food. To me looking weird because I won’t eat cake (unless it’s vegan because admit it vegan cake is amazing!) or because I look at the ingredients to everything (or take a picture with my “is it vegan” app if I’m too lazy), is nothing compared to what the animals have to go through just to make me look “normal”.

I can’t just turn off my moral compass and eat whatever I want, because that would go against everything I believe in and all my core values. Which are, to do no harm, and to live in harmony with everything on earth because God made the animals. I’m guessing that factory farming is not what he wanted us to do with them.

So do I look weird? Yes. Some of it is because of the veganism but mostly because I’m weird to begin with. Do I care? No.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

5 thoughts on “Turning Off My Moral Compass

  1. I definitely relate. When I first turned vegan, people literally thought I was the weirdest thing that had walked the earth. As a result, I was so self conscious about it so I would never say anything about it unless someone asked me about it. But I soon got over it and just started living my life how I wanted to live it and not care about what others thought of it. This cause is so important and transcends all of the stigma associated with being vegan. Great post! May your vegan journey thrive 🙂

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      1. I went vegan practically overnight 3 months ago after being exposed to what really happens to animals in the meat industry. It’s really changed my life in ways I never thought it would. and that’s great! Happy 6 months 😀


      2. Thanks! It’s definitely changed my life too. I’m a little worried about going home because I became vegan while being away to college on the other side of the country. My parents are ok with the no meat thing just not sure how they will react to the no dairy or eggs.

        And 3 months is great! It gets easier as time goes on. Tonight I didn’t even feel tempted to eat cake (granted the cake was chocolate and I “shouldn’t” have chocolate although I do anyways).


      3. Haha there have been so many temptations for me just this past month with all these graduation parties and all. I guess it’s one of those things that hopefully goes away with time…probably lots of time for me haha. Giving up eggs and dairy seemed to be the hardest for my friends and family to accept. It really made me feel isolated at first, like turning down pizza nights with friends, and it really makes me realize how food is so integral in the way we socialize. But giving up eggs and dairy also have great health benefits, so hopefully your parents will like that aspect of it!


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