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Who is My Audience?

My task for this Blogging 101 course that I am taking on wordpress for today is to write something for my target audience. I’ve never really thought who that was. There are people in my personal life that I want to influence and to show them that a vegan diet can be healthy (if done correctly, oreos are vegan and so is pop, but that’s not the right way to do it. At least that’s not the right way I believe that you should do it.) But no one in my personal life actually knows about this blog, which is great so I can say whatever I want on it and it doesn’t matter. I know people whose diet choices are not only bad for the animals, the environment but are really bad for themselves. But they either won’t listen or I have trouble saying things that I write on my blog, in real life.

So I want to take a poll. To see who in my audience are already vegan or vegetarian, who is thinking about becoming vegan or vegetarian, or has never really thought about it.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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