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Is telling women that they should “Eat Right” wrong?

Read a magazine article saying that you shouldn’t tell a women to eat right because that is basically orthorexia. And that you should tell women that they can eat whatever they want as long as it is in “moderation”. Because heaven forbid promoting eating healthy is bad. This was in a women’s magazine.

Dieting is another thing all together. I don’t think that we should tell women to go on diets or to not eat enough food. But that is entirely different than telling women that meat,dairy and eggs are bad for their health. Or that they should eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Educating people on how to eat isn’t wrong or bad, it should happen but the right education. I know a lot of friends who has gone carb-free to lose weight and diet. Telling women that they need to diet in order to lose weight isn’t the way to go. Instead educating people how to eat right is.

Ever since I became vegan I’ve eaten a lot more than I had before. (You have to since plant based foods aren’t ascalorie filled as animal products.) I also feel a lot better than I did before. My energy levels increased, my mood got better, ect. 26a7c1ce34ba789a9b17fe0c1c174c34


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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