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Ranting Time

A friend on facebook posted a video of her, I think boyfriend, killing a baby hog. Who couldn’t run away or defend itself. I really don’t see that as manly. At all. Not saying that I think hunting is ok, because I’m not, but it would have been better if that animal had the chance to fight back.  Even the playing field.

Someone posted on the post about not wanting to see it and animal cruelty.  She and others defending it saying it was “a part of life” and something about PETA.

Not sure how people can think that it’s ok. Especially when you were there or you saw it happen. Killling a helpless animal for “sport”. The animals should have a chance to fight back and the person shouldn’t be allowed to use guns, knives or any other kind of weapon.

My rant for the day.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

One thought on “Ranting Time

  1. I agree that the argument that killing animals is a part of life is unfounded. If he was in a forest with no access to plant based foods and had a starving family to feed….Then maybe killing an animal to eat for survival is a necessary part of life!


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