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Vegan Survival Guide

1. Be prepared: You never know when you will be at a restaurant or a friend’s house where there isn’t an option. I like to keep some nuts or seeds in my bag at all times.

2. Ask: I tend to not like to ask people about the food that will be served at an event. But it’s easier to know if you need to eat beforehand or if you need to bring food with you. It’s helpful on set to ask beforehand. Then if there isn’t anything you can eat, bring something yummy with you.

3. Be prepared for stupid people: Comments like, “That looks good but it would look better with meat on it.” And yes one of my friends commented about the salad that I was eating for lunch. Or “But the animal is already dead.” “Milk isn’t bad. The cows are supposed to be milked.” The list can go on.

4. Have an “elevator pitch”: If you don’t know what that is, in the film industry it’s your movie or project in the time it takes for an elevator to get to your floor.  It’s having a shorten version of why you are vegan on hand. Then if the person is truely interested you can talk more about it. I find many people like it better if you don’t bog them down with a bunch of information at once. But if you can get them thinking about it.

5. Know when to fight: And when to not. Some people will never become vegan or even vegetarian. Some people won’t listen to you and will constantly have a comeback. Sometimes its easier to say nothing.

6. Know that you are making a difference: It may not look like you are but you are. You are helping to show that people can live without eating animal products. Its saving animals, the planet and your health. Every little bit helps. If everyone thinks, “I can’t make a difference, I’m only one person” then nothing will ever change.



Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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