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Belief System

Believing what others tell you just because they told you. I believed the lie for 20 years. The lie that animals on farms are happy and willing to be killed for food. The lie that meat, dairy and eggs are good for you. The lie that certain animals can be killed but others can’t. I believed because that’s what people told me. And that’s what people told the people who told me. Do I blame them? No. I blame society. A society where things like McDonald’s happy meals are advertised with happy chicken and cows on small family farms. Because that is where McDonald’s gets their chickens from. But that’s what they want you to believe.

You can’t unlearn things that you learn. I can’t just unlearn and unwatch those videos of factory farming conditions. I can’t just unlearn the health benefits that a strictly plant-based diet has. Do I sometimes want to eat the ice cream that is in my fridge that my roommate buys for everyone? Yes. Do I get annoyed by the constant comments I get about the way I choose to eat? Yes. Do I sometimes wish there is more than one thing, a salad, on the menu that I can eat? Yes. Is it difficult sometimes? Yes. Will I go back? No.

Vegans aren’t the only ones with a belief system. Everyone else isn’t aware of their belief system.



Passionate vegan. Catholic.

One thought on “Belief System

  1. I’ve never seen being vegan as a belief system, rather an alignment of my moral code with my actions. It’s simple really; once I learned the truth about animals, living with the truth is a no brainier! After all, my ‘belief system’ is that causing deliberate suffering on others for my pleasure alone is wrong. Always has been. 😀


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