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You Can Make Choices

We can’t control a lot of things. The weather, family, what we grew up in, ect. But there are a few things you can control. Three times a day; or more. What you choose to eat. My household is holding a talk at school about how choices that seem minor can really be major. Not sure if I want to bring up the eating choices that everyone has. Since I really don’t want people to think I hate them (which I don’t) or people to hate me.

But we really can choice not to harm our bodies, our environment, and to not harm/kill animals. And it is pretty easy and simple. I found a vegan pancake recipe online that I am going to try for dinner tonight. (I love breakfast for dinner/lunch.) All it really takes is to learn a new way to cook. Using plant milk instead of cow’s milk in recipes or in cereal. Use applesause or bananas instead of eggs. There are plenty of things you can use instead of eggs.

Use vegan meats or cheeses instead of animal products. (Personally I don’t use them that often, because I don’t really like the taste. Tastes too much like meat and cheese for me.) But that is a simple way to cut back or stop eating animal products and still eating familar foods.

Not sure why people think that it is hard to become vegan. Besides the fact that most of the world isn’t. And social situations can be a little difficult at times. Not eating the dip at a movie night because they used chicken broth or cheese in it. Or bring your own food to a cookout next Saturday because all they are having is hotdogs and hamburgers. But I don’t really miss it at all. And its not really a burden for me anymore because I know why I am doing it.

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