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Ethical Vegans Vs. Health Vegans

I saw this article online that said that people who are vegan for ethical or moral reasons stay vegan longer than people who are vegan only for health reasons. Which I completely understand. Its a lot harder to justify eating meat when your reasons are moral and ethical. Almost impossible to justify it. Which is why I haven’t touched meat in almost two years. Also why “free pizza” doesn’t give me the same happiness that it did before. It is actually quite sad if I think about it. There has been two days in a row this week where school gave out free pizza. Why can’t it be free, something that doesn’t happen to harm animals in the process? Because the pizza more than likely also had meat on it. I’m not entirely sure, but most likely.

If I was only doing it for health reasons I could easily justify eating meat every once in a while. Not saying that health reasons alone isn’t an adequate reason to be vegan. It is. I’m vegan primarly for ethical reasons and a little bit for health. But not really for health, because I would rather eat a vegan junk food than a non-vegan “healthy” food. Or at least what the world thinks is healhy. I don’t believe that meat, dairy or eggs is healthy for a person. But that aside.

Veganism is a vast and complex movement with a variety of reasons that people do it. But the ones who are vegan for 10 plus years are most likely ethical vegans.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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