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What’s Wrong With Dairy?!?

That is something I get asked all the time when I tell people I’m vegan.  Apparently people have this preconceived notion that we need dairy in order to get calcium.  Which isn’t true.  Broccoli has calcium, most other plant-based foods have calcium. Soy milk has calcium.

So what is wrong with dairy?  Let’s start with the treatment of the dairy cows. In order for a cow to produce milk, that cow would have to have just given birth to a calf. That calf is immediately taken away from its mother. The male babies are used for veal, the females are raised to become dairy cows. The dairy cows is repeatedly impregnated in order to produce the high demands of milk, cheese and other dairy products.

Secondly, I am not a calf. I am a human being. We are supposed to be weaned off of milk after being breast-fed.  The milk is supposed to get the calves extremely large and fat. Because that is the nature of the milk. The milk that is supposed to be for calves, as per nature. Therefore, I don’t need to be drinking milk from another species. Humans are the only beings who drink milk from a species that is not their own.



Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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