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High Carb, Low Fat Plant Based Whole Foods Lifestyle

What do I eat?

Lots of kale (I’ve started to love it), fruit, vegetables, brown rice, tortilla shells, whole grain bread, beans, chickpeas, jelly, soy milk (I’m the person who can go through a half-gallon of soy milk in like two days. Why soy milk doesn’t come in a gallon is something I haven’t figured out yet.) Minimal nuts and seeds.

What don’t I eat?

If it is an animal or comes from an animal I don’t eat it. Also I don’t eat high fructose corn syrup (that isn’t something most HCLF vegans don’t eat. But it is horrible for you, so I make sure I don’t eat things with that in it too.)

Doesn’t carbs make you fat?

Fat makes you fat. Most foods that people think has carbs in them also are loaded in fat. Apples, bananas, brown rice, all have carbs in them.

Isn’t it hard?

Yes/no. It depends on the situation. Pepperoni pizza the only food served on set, that is “hard”. Or not really “hard” but really annoying. But I’ve found that eating beforehand or bring my own food is my best bet, most of the time. But I know why I am doing this.



Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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