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Vegan in Social Situations

Being a vegan is easy; when I’m by myself at home.  Then I go out and it starts to get difficult.  More difficult than just being a vegetarian (I’ve been one for 1 1/2 years maybe a little more).

After Mass me and the three girls who went to Mass (I don’t have a car so I bum rides off people) went to a donut shop near the Church.  Obviously I didn’t get anything, because I’m fairly certain that they use eggs and milk to make said donuts.  Tonight (since I didn’t go home for Spring Break and about 1/3 of the student body also didn’t go home) the Perch (hangout at school) is having a cookie baking/cookie eating party at 7pm.  Which is in 40 minutes.  I don’t want my veganism to hinder my ability to be a social being but our entire lives revolve around food.  Food with either meat, eggs or dairy.  And sometimes all three.  So, I will be that weirdo who goes to a cookie baking/cookie eating party and not eating said cookies.  Because said cookies have eggs and/or dairy.

How do you deal with these situations? Because I’m learning but I’m new, and inexperienced.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

3 thoughts on “Vegan in Social Situations

  1. It can definitely be really tough! One thing you could do is bring some vegan cookies to have and share after the other ones are baked. It can relieve some of the tension if you feel like you are sort of participating too.

    For me it’s definitely been important to join vegan meet ups and meet other vegans who can totally relate to those situations. Then I can have some place to be like “ahh they look at me weird and I’m like wtf I’m just trying not to hurt other creatures!!” And then I can feel normal again! Anyhow, good luck and thanks for posting your thoughts!

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  2. I hear ya… It can be rough, especially when people ask a ton of questions and make ignorant statements about how there’s no way I can be healthy – as if animals hold all the nutritional value we need to survive. I definitely always bring a vegan dish to any social gathering that includes food. It gives me something to munch on and not look so silly without a plate of food in front of my face.

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    1. Whenever I bring vegan treats everyone loves them. But it does get annoying when someone tells me that my diet is “unhealthy” and they are eating McDonalds or junk food almost daily.


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