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Is ‘Veganism’ Extreme

Came across these video today. The show “The Doctors”, which I don’t watch because the one time I did watch it they didn’t give good medically sound advice.

I just want to know is when is wanting to eat and be healthy a bad thing? Apparently I have an “eating disorder” because I want to make sure my heart is healthy and I exercise weekly. Also I feel my diet isn’t restrictive, I’m eating many different things now that I’ve become vegan. I’m also not eating any cholesterol or bad fat and I have way more energy than I had before. It’s the best way to go, since meat and dairy isn’t very good for you, especially when you eat it every day.

Also another video I have seen on “The Doctor’s” advised people to eat bacon every morning, because that is good and medically sound advice.

Want to know what I find extreme? Eating McDonalds every meal. Or this:



Passionate vegan. Catholic.

2 thoughts on “Is ‘Veganism’ Extreme

  1. Absolutely. 🙂 Those people don’t know what they’re talking about! 😮
    There is a doctor in the trailer for the Forks over Knives movie who says that eating meat and having to have your chest separated for open heart surgery might be considered “extreme”. 😉


    1. Exactly. Having to have open heart surgery for something that you can control is extreme. Obviously having if for a birth defect is way different, with diet I can’t control that, but I can control the possibility that I might need another with diet.

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