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Why I’m Vegan and Why I Don’t Understand Why Everyone Else Isn’t

Watched Vegucated or at least most of the documentary today as a break from the craziness that is finals week. (Not sure why I thought that it would be a mental break for me.)

Now I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 2 years after watching a video in my college biology class about the treatment of animals in factory farms. As of, last month, I’ve become a vegan. I started that transition in January but it wasn’t until the end of last month that it really stuck. And I’m sure I got this vegan thing down, the whole quickly reading nutrition labels and looking like a weirdo at the grocery store or refusing to eat free food at school since it is not vegan and looking weird.

I’m a Christian, have been my entire life and the whole treat others with love and the way you would want to be treated have been instilled in my brain since the beginning. However I ate meat up until I went to college. For me, it is a way for me to feel more connected with God and with his creation. The fact that I am not contributing to the harm and death of his beloved creatures. And in Genesis before the fall, Adam and Eve ate a plant based diet, because God told them that was how they were supposed to eat. After the fall, humans started to eat meat.

What I don’t understand is how anyone could willing eat meat, dairy or eggs. All of them are cruel and not very Christ-like. Especially when you don’t need meat, eggs or dairy to survive. Fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, grains are readily available and easy to obtain.

I know why, most people are ill-informed about both the health harming effects of meat, eggs and dairy, and the way that the animals are treated. Most people believe, because that was how they were taught, that meat and eggs=protein, dairy=calcium. Nearly all plant based foods have both protein and calcium. How do I know this? I’ve done my research. Before becoming vegetarian and eventually vegan I researched all aspects of this diet. Read medical journals, watched countless documentaries. I have a heart condition so I had to make sure that this was a good diet for me. And all the research points to a heart healthy diet being whole foods plant based.

Vegan forms of Calcium and Protein:

1 stalk of broccoli-71mg of calcium and 4.3g of protein

1 cup of black beans-42g of protein

10 fl oz of orange juice- 2g of protein, 2% calcium


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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