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Problems With Having Non-Vegan Roommates

I’m not the kind to rant but… my roommate uses the only frying pan in the house (the one that I bought) to cook meat in, but hasn’t cleaned the pan in hours. I’m not going to clean the pan, but what if I wanted to eat something. I can’t since I don’t have any food left and I’m too lazy to walk to the store but still. Does anyone have any advise on how to confront my roommate about this? She knows I don’t eat meat but I haven’t told anyone this but since I havent eaten any in two years, the thought of it grosses me out.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

One thought on “Problems With Having Non-Vegan Roommates

  1. It seems less about what is cooked and more about being thoughtful, given there is only 1 pan. I’d casually bring it up (wait until you are using it vs. talking about it when she has used it and not washed it so it doesn’t seem confrontational) and ‘make a deal’ that when one of you uses the pan you wash it right away in case the other wants to use it, since there is only 1. Or, you could buy another pan 🙂


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