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The Center of Our World

Even since I became vegan, even when I became vegetarian two years ago, I’ve started to notice a pattern in the way that Americans celebrate and eat. This past quarter, when I was making the slow but ultimately successful transition to becoming vegan, there has been so many pizza parties and free pizza at school. Once I slipped and had a piece of pizza but now I have the drive and passion to say no to pizza. Even if people give me the look and ask me “Why are you not eating pizza? It’s free food.”

Maybe since I don’t eat it, I’ve started to really notice a pattern. There has been two this week alone, one for our accreditation party (yay! We finally got accredited) and one tomorrow for a networking opportunity for possible freelance work while at school (I hate editing but I also am good at it and need the money. Therefore for the moment I will be a film editor.)  Not really sure where I was going with this, but I’ve definitely noticed a pattern.  Why can’t they celebrate with spaghetti (without cheese on it or sauce with cheese in it) or vegetables and fruit?  I know why, no one wants to celebrate with broccoli, except me.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

3 thoughts on “The Center of Our World

    1. Exactly. And at the accreditation party on Monday all of the pizza was loaded with some form of meat. So even if I did eat dairy, I couldn’t eat any.

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