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Weekly Update

The week before finals (can someone say crazy?!?). This past week has been interesting. Found out that two of my finals are on the same day at the same time, thanks to the fact that one of my teachers make the decision to have an actual class during finals week and make us take the final on Friday. So have to discuss things with him about taking the final at a different time or day.

Been sick since Friday so missed daily Mass for the first time since Lent started. Yesterday I had a friend read for me at Mass since I was too sick to go. My mom gave me her Netflix password, which was a mistake. Watched Forks Over Knives, about 5 movies this week (three of them yesterday, Tarzan, Tarzan II (which surprisingly wasn’t that bad of a movie) and another movie I don’t remember the title.) And I discovered a new Netflix series and watched 5 episodes this morning (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt).

So let’s talk food. Friday night my household had their weekly dinner so I made this:  Then yesterday I made it again and had it this weekend.  I actually made breakfast/brunch this morning. Which is a shocker since I usually just make toast. I made a tofu scrabbler which I wished I took a picture of. Found that recipe on Pinterst which I have been on way to much lately.

Also found out that my favorite actress, Dove Cameron decided to go vegan. I get excited about the stupidest things. 😛


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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