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Forks Over Knives

I watched, a majority of the documentary Forks Over Knives on Netflix last night/this morning. I still have 30 minutes to finish but I really need to focus on homework (something I’m not doing now.)  Previously I’ve watched clips of the movie but never the full movie.

Which reassures me why I’m doing this.  Why I’m taking the “hard” way and trying to not consume animal products.  Why I’m going against what everyone else is doing, for the sake of my health. Every once in a while I will eat something with animal products (minus meat, haven’t eaten it in almost 2 years) in it, but it doesn’t have the same appeal as it had before. I used to love cheese pizza, but now it doesn’t taste very good.  Now places like McDonald’s or Culver’s just doesn’t have the same appeal either.

Things I didn’t know, was that oil is bad for you since it is almost 100 percent fat. So will definitely slowly cut that out and stop cooking with it.  To adopt a whole foods plant-based diet.  I’m “vegan” but you can be vegan and not be very healthy. Being a “junk food vegan” means that you can eat Oreos and sour patch kids all day. This is different from that, I’m doing it for my health (and sort of for animals but mainly my health).  I’ve researched more than just watching the documentary, I’ve seen the China Study, and done my own independent research.

This, to me, is the best diet, for me.  I have more energy, less migraines (unless I have a sinus infection, then I have migraines), next to no stomach problems (don’t have to take Tums every day anymore), among other positive things that I’ve seen after switching to this diet.  It has only been a little over a month so I’ll see what it looks like a few months from now or a year from now.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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