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Why I’m Against Abortion is the Same Reason I’ve Vegan (And a Feminist)

I normally don’t post about social issues (besides veganism) on this site but decided to do it anyways.  I am completely against abortion, for every single circumstance. Because I believe that everyone (regardless of what species they are, what their parents did, how they were conceived, their race, gender, etc. has the right to live.)  And no one has the right to take that right away from someone.  I also believe that an unborn child is just that, a child. If you wouldn’t want a 2 day old killed, than you should be against abortion. It’s the same thing, except for the location of the child.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

16 thoughts on “Why I’m Against Abortion is the Same Reason I’ve Vegan (And a Feminist)

      1. I know not a single vegan…beside my own family. Here in the Bible Belt, most are anti-abortion. Perhaps on both sides, the question is more “is death necessary.” There can be successful arguments to that end on all sides, I’m sorry to say, but as for unnecessary death, I can’t think of a single one.


  1. I have to say I really liked your post and argument, but I would have to disagree. Yes, I agree that no one has the right to take away an unborn’s life so irresponsibly. However, not every situation is so clear-cut, and I don’t feel like anyone has the right to deny a woman access to abortion services. There are unusual circumstances that can arise, such as rape or pregnancy complications. I absolutely love your blog though!


  2. Though I see the benefits to a vegan diet, I do not go so far as to equate the value of animal life with that of human life. Yes, we are all God’s creatures, and I oppose cruelty to animals – but I do not see that those humans who ear meat (animals) are bad for doing so. (Our pet cat is fed food that contains animal protein. In nature, carnivorous animals eat other animals.)

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    1. I was going more about people who are vegan but not anti-abortion. Which I don’t understand why people are more interested in animals lives but not humans. I don’t see eating meat as bad, but I do see people who don’t eat meat but are pro-choice as not constant with their views since humans are above animals.

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  3. I just posted about the choice I made when I was 17 to have an abortion. Prolifers don’t necessarily understand the choices and decisions that have to be made by some when it comes to pregnancy and it’s a shame. A Moment For Me Blog x


  4. I am vegan and pro-choice. I would also say that humans are more important than animals, but it is not necessary for us to eat or harm animals so shouldn’t do so. If a woman isn’t mentally or physically able to give birth and keep herself and the baby happy and healthy then I believe she has the right to make that decision.


    1. But most of the time abortions happen when people don’t want to be responsible for their decisions. People want to take the “easy” way out instead of owning up to their mistakes and either raise the child or put the child up for adoption. Not because the woman isn’t able to have the baby physically or mentally.


    2. Just an observation: many young women are pro-choice. It is sad. I think the pro-life movement has largely failed because so many folks in it have yet to come to terms with the fact that women are largely pro-choice. Instead, the pro-life movement laments that women are exploited by the abortionists and are not offered alternatives. Most abortion bound women never consider alternatives. That is why it is called “abortion on demand”.

      When i wrote a few months back on my blog that when the woman or girl enters the abortion facility, it really is the last in a long sequence of decisions that have shown a lack of personal responsibility or poor judgment, a few women unsubscribed to my blog.


      1. I understand both of your points. My main argument is that it is ultimately the women’s decision, as it is her body and her life and judging someone for making that decision is wrong because you have no idea what they have been through or how the pregnancy will affect her. But debate about any topic is always good 🙂


      2. Your main argument fails to acknowledge the medical fact that the baby in utero is a separate body and a separate life from that of her/his mother. As well, condemning an act that destroys innocent life is not wrong simply because we do not know what the person has been through. We do not know what mass murderers have been through, either. But, we condemn their acts of mass murder. (I have dealt with many post-abortive women in my years.)


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