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1. Free pizza-Need I say more?

2. When your college has monthly cooking classes and nothing is vegan.-So you debate going and bringing stuff to make the dish vegan, so that people see how tasty vegan food is.

3. When you have to refuse food but feel bad that you do.- Went to a talk at school and they offered free pizza (common theme). I had to say no but the guy looked a little upset that I wasn’t eating.

4. Having to explain yourself, constantly.- Yes I don’t eat meat, dairy or eggs. No I think I’m not missing out on anything. And yes I am getting enough protein, That’s for your concern.

5. When your roommate cooks meat in a pan and doesn’t wash it. So you have to before using it.

6. Is it vegan? is a common question that you ask. All the time.

7. Do you mind if I bring (insert non-vegan item here) to the dinner party?- No. As long as I have something to eat, I could care less if you bring (insert non-vegan item here).

64586_114345082073114_628922229_n b7c8bec5c99931f4321d2d3c6351b1ce Stuff your face with fast food vegans_o_280209


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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